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Friday, November 7, 2008


I love surprise parties especially when they are actually a surprise. Last night we threw a Super Duper Surprise Shower for Natalie (and Jason but he knew about it) from the Sped Dept. SOOOOO FUUUNN! The festivities were held at Natalie's favorite Naperville hot spot, The Lantern. The best part - she was really and truly surprised!

As stated in an earlier post, Natalie is the creme of the crop when it comes to opening presents. Sadly, the pictures don't do it justice unless there was some way that audio could go along with, them.

Natalie opening gifts...

Natalie and Jess with the famous Lantern Cheese balls (served on one of Natalie's new plates!)

Natalie, Sam, and I cheesing it up!

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