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Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Update With The Clancy's

The Clancy Clan got together for a large chunk of the weekend. Saturday night we went out to dinner to Mullen’s in Lisle, a favorite of mine and Brett’s. Great place to hang out, good specials, good food, but terrible bands (we have now been there twice on a Saturday night when there is live music and the only word to describe it is loud). When we got home, Cari, Brett and I stayed up to watch SNL...JT did a music video with Beyonce that was way funny. The video won't embed so click here to watch.

Sunday we spent the day in PJs watching football. I ran to the grocery store in the morning to get some last minute things we forgot and ended up being there for about 40 minutes – every cash register froze and their entire computer system went down. I thought there was going to be a revolt because it was about 25 minutes before kickoff. Cari spent the night so the dogs were happy to have their cousin, Hera, around. They played so much Saturday night and Sunday morning that we were able to watch the Bears game in peace because they were exhausted.
Cathy came over for the Bears game and Mike and Shari (Brett’s dad and step mom) came over toward the end and stayed for the Steelers game. If you are from Chicago you know that this was a big game – Bears vs. Packers. Unfortunately the outcome went to the Packers not the Bears. The other favorite team in the house had some better luck. What a fantastic ending to a pretty boring game! They made history with an 11 to 10 victory…yes someone actually looked that up to see that there had never been an 11/10 final score in NFL history (something like 12, 000 games!).

As for the soup, I made so many appetizers that we weren’t very hungry. Everything is prepped and ready to be thrown together so maybe tonight!

And for those of you wondering, I exhibited extreme self control and only shopped at one store this weekend. That Kohl’s sale was well worth it! Brett got some faaaabulous new clothes and we are now sleeping on luxurious 800 thread count sheets. On a good note, I realized that some of the sales are still going on so maybe a stop on the way home from work today is in order. Let’s face it - I really have no control when it comes to a good sale.

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