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Sunday, November 2, 2008

SPED Bar Crawl/ Scavenger Hunt

Last night, the special ed department went on an outing in downtown Naperville. We did this two years ago and the result was a bunch of drunk special ed teachers crammed on a bus drinking for two hours while listening to a man babble on about various haunted places in Chicago. Well this time we changed it up a bit. There were about 3o of us (sped teachers, significant others, team teachers, etc.) running through Naperville from 5-9 with a two sided sheet of tasks to perform for various point values. We were at bar Louie from 5-6, Features, from 6-7, The Lantern from 7-8, and Rizzo's from 8-9. Our team didn't win but we had a blast doing it. We ended the night at two nine. I don't remember much from Rizzo's on but I know we had fun doing what ever it is we do.

The Mighty Meercats getting a picture in an elevator.

Eat a slice of key lime pie (or do a key lime shot, which was our interpretation).

Eat a piece of fruit upside down. Brett did a handstand in the middle of Features while I held his legs and Karyn fed him a lemon.

Ride a motorcycle.

Serenade a stranger. Karyn and I sang "You've lost that love and feeling" to this man sitting at the Lantern.

Get a team photo of your whole team walking like an Egyptian.

Give someone a piggy back ride.

And perhaps the grossest task, eat something off of a strangers plate. OK, I didn't actually eat anything, but I slid into the booth as soon as this couple got up an pretended to eat.

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